Club Affiliation

  • Unrivalled Insurance from our partner MarshSport
  • Options to purchase additional Legal cover and Building cover
  • Entry to exclusive competitions
  • Access to the Lord Roberts Centre and Aldersley Shooting Centre so you only have to pay for range hire
  • Quarterly copies of On Target magazine
  • Opportunity to participate in Association forums
  • Representation by your National Governing Body on all shooting matters e.g. the potential threat of a lead ban
Category A From £150

Adult & Junior Clubs

A club is a shooting organisation which principally uses not more than two ranges (one indoors, one outdoors) for its home matches and practice for each of the disciplines it follows (rifle, pistol, airgun, etc).

Fees are based on the number of members; including all categories except probationary members.

Adult & Junior Clubs

< 15 Members
16 – 30 Members
31 – 60 members
61 – 100 members
101 – 150 members
151 – 200 members
201 – 300 members
> 300 members

Junior Clubs

< 15 members
> 15 members
Category B £250

Local Associations and Leagues

An organisation which provides a local league or other competitions for clubs located within a predetermined area.

Category C £250

County Associations

Category D £250

Other Shooting Organisations

Shooting organisations not covered by the previous three categories, such as Home Country Unions or national groups working only within a specialist area.

Category E £250

Other Organisations

Organisations falling outside the previous four categories, such as commercial enterprises.

Affiliation now more affordable than ever (One annual payment)